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.NETSpeedBoost 6.5 Professional Edition
New Restore Wizard & Works with Vista!
Sept 16, 2009
World-class internet accelerator

Version 6.5 Professional Edition

From the original author of the world's most popular internet accelerator - Intelli-Dial-UP, we are proud to announce the official award-winning successor - .NETSpeedBoost 6.5

.NETSpeedBoost is a powerful and easy to use self installing program for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista which optimizes your Internet connection speed by up to 1200% faster. When computers leave the factory, they are not set up to surf at the maximum speed. .NETSpeedBoost increases the performance of your computer by opening up the pipeline so that the information flows FASTER.

Webpages load a lot faster (instantaneously page loading!). Send and receive your emails much faster than before. Experience quicker downloads of MP3s, Video/Movie files, graphics, software, and more. Experience super fast file transfer, online games, minimum pings, and other internet-related software! Online voice conversation and video camera interaction perform very well without connection interruption! Experience all of them today!

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September 16, 2009
You asked for it and we delivered! .NETSpeedBoost 6.5 is here with new wireless router optimization and a brand new network settings restore wizard! Mulitple improvements have been made to the entire line-up of network optimization routines as well - try the new version today!

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